The Gripper Dual Grip
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The Gripper Dual Grip

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The Gripper™ Dual Grip is a heavy-duty, flexible, open-sleeve masturbator which gives the user a safe and effective way to improve intimate pleasure and help you achieve maximum orgasm. Featuring soft-ridges on one side and pleasure nodules on the other side, this design makes it easy for anyone to play - either solo, or for use by one person on another!

The Gripper™ allows you to apply pressure directly on your most sensitive erogenous zones for increased sensation and provide gentle, soothing squeezes during orgasm, or the rough, tugging sensation that you are seeking.

The dual-pattern design allows for a choice between the spiral pattern on one side, or the tactile beaded pattern on the other. Both options maximize the containment for the lubricant of your choice. The different textures will keep the lube just where you want it, and provide the perfect glide for even more pleasure.