Sex & Mischief Heart Impression Crop
Sex & Mischief Heart Impression Crop
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Sex & Mischief Heart Impression Crop

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Sex and Mischief Impression Crop Heart Paddle. Impressions Crop a riding crop style slapper allows your heart to leave its mark. High quality, tanned leather slappers have stitched handle and separate at the top. Called slappers because of the great sounds they make on your partner's backside, these paddles will certainly help you leave your mark. Bright red heart impression when applied to back side of your partner.


Great Product (Anonymous)

Great crop, nice size if you do not have a lot of place for storage


Beautiful. (Miss Scarlet)

Leaves a beautiful imprint of the heart if you smack your sub hard enough. I loved seeing the hearts on my pet's torso after whipping him till he was red.


The perfect little crop (Lady_Liberty)

I absolutely love this crop. Tiny enough to look inoffensive but sturdy enough to deliver a powerful ass slapping. I highly recommend this crop. The fun part is slapping hard enough to leave the heart imprint :)