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Rianne Kegel Balls

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Luxuriously crafted in silky silicone, the Rianne S takes on the classic ben wa ball offers sensation-chasers and pelvic floor strengtheners easy weight customization, comfortable wear, and very pleasurable results. Tucked securely into a silicone girdle, two of four included weighted balls create tension against which the vaginal muscles contract with movement and kegels exercises.

Easily inserted, the Playballs naturally curve to the contours of the vaginal canal, leaving a long silicone tail outside the body for easy removal and adjustment. Beginners will adore the user friendly one-piece design and lightweight potential, while more experienced users can explore the heavier balls or any combination of balls sans girdle. The balls feature weights of .5oz/15g (nude), .9oz/25g (coral), 1.2oz/35g (lilac) and 2oz/55g (deep purple). The heaviest possible combination will equal 3.2 oz/90g

Once in place, the smooth shape inspires contractions of the pelvic floor, an over-time effect that will tone and tighten the muscles responsible for increased sexual pleasure, closer contact with a mate, improved continence and overall sexual well-being. hat jiggles and jumps with natural movement, creating pleasurable stimulation to the interior vaginal wall.

In high end silicone, the Playballs Balls are extremely body safe and hypoallergenic, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Always choose a great quality water-based lubricant to enjoy in combination, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and tools. Lockable zippered accessory bag included.

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