Like a Virgin Tightening Gel
Like a Virgin Tightening Gel
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Like a Virgin Tightening Gel

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Get closer than ever with Like A Virgin Tightening Gel. This pleasure gel contains natural ingredients vitamin E and almond oil as well as capsicum and sativa oils to help tighten the muscles of the vagina for more pleasure and stimulation for both partners. 

Apply a small amount of lotion inside the vagina with a finger up to 8 hours before sex. The 1oz/30ml bottle contains enough for about 40 application. Latex safe.

Apply twice for best results (Anonymous)

This works really well you just need make sure you apply it twice.

Pretty great! (Anonymous)

Apply it twice. It works well if you apply it once but if you want optimal tightness (and who doesn't?) a second application is necessary. 
The packaging is sophisticated and discreet, the pump reduces mess... Overall a great product!