Heavenly Nights



Choose Night in Heaven to host your next bachelorette party, couples event, or ladies night.


Cost : $150 per hour charge for private space rental. (2) hour minimum. Every additional hour past the (2) hour minimum will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour. A minimum of (4) guests is required for booking.


What’s Included:


  1. Approximately 45 -60 minute product presentation highlighting major product lines found within the store combined with party games to enhance the fun and give guests a chance to win sexy surprises.


  1. Approximately 60 minute shopping interval for guests to shop for the guest of honor and themselves


  1. Refreshments will be provided including champagne, desserts, and small appetizers


  1. Props will be provided to create memorable photo moments


  1. Guest of honor will receive a surprise gift at the end of the event


  1. All guests will receive 20% off all products purchased during the event


     For Reservations Contact Night in Heaven @ 951-356-5855